Board of Trustees
• Mr. Alfredo M. Yao - Chairman
• Ms. Liza Jane T. Yao - Member
• Mr. Antonio I. Panajon - Member
• Dr. Leticia Yao - Member
Elected Officers for the Year 2016


• Mr. Antonio I. Panajon - President
• Mr. Amado T. Tadena - Vice President
Ms. Carolyn S. Yao - Corporate Secretary
• Ms. Arlene G. Ecat - Treasurer
Ms. Alice P. Rodil - Executive Director/Project Coordinator
• Ms. Luningning T. Ramos - Coordinator for Volunteers
• Ms. Roselle M. Baltazar - Controller


After the demise of his father, young Fred assumed the role of the head of the family trying daily to make both ends meet by doing odd jobs while his mother Soledad Macam Yao supported him and his five younger siblings by selling goods on the sidewalk.

Being the eldest in the brood of six, Fred had no choice but to live with his father's best friend, whom he used to call as “uncle”. It was during his high school days that Fred experienced hardship to sleep because his uncle was hosting mahjong sessions in his house late at night and he could only go to bed when everybody was gone. But the good thing was, he would received balato (tips) everytime players would send him on errands.

After finishing his high school, Fred decided to take a chemical engineering degree at the Mapua Institute of Technology. But with poverty still on his back, he was eventually forced to dropped out from college when he was on his sophomore.

He then accepted menial jobs and even worked in a bodega. Confronted by this situation, his mother decided to apply for a loan at the country’s premiere development bank. Fred used the loan proceeds to purchase a printing machine for cellophane wrappers for candies and biscuits. He was only 17 years old that time and had to grew a mustache in order to look old enough to run a business.

From there, the rest was history. As if spreading magic in all his business endeavors, all firms that composed the Zest-O group of companies are reportedly doing well. For the record, Fred owns, among others, a chain of printing and packaging businesses, juice and softdrink manufacturing, airline, food products, personal care products, middle class housing and banking.

Setting aside his passion for the corporate world, Fred realized then the need to helping bright and financially strapped students particularly at the Northern Rizal Yorklin School (where he finished his secondary education). The philanthropist in him eventually extended to those who personally approached him for financial assistance particularly those in the pursuit of acquiring a college degree.

Together with some close friends and members of his immediate family who share the same vision , Fred initiated the birth of the AMY (an acronym which stands for “Alfredo Macam Yao”) Foundation. Its main objective was geared towards the upliftment, development and advancement of street children, leading to the granting of academic scholarships to deserving and underprivileged children of the Philippine society. Likewise, it aims to provide financial, technical and manpower expertise towards the various projects lined up by the Foundation in the future.

With regard to its operation, the Foundation was granted SEC license in October 2003 as a non-profit and non-stock organization while it strengthened its partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development in November 2003. At present, AMY Foundation is also an active member of Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) and ABSNET-CAMANAVA (North Cluster).


Our Vision:

Improve the quality of life of deprived but deserving youth by producing more college graduates and professionals hence lessening the numbers of out-of-school youth.

Our Mission:

- Send to college deserving children of the underprivileged sector by providing tuition fees and/or school stipends, with the hope that they will have an improved living condition and be self reliant in the near future.

- Undertake projects and activities to equip the youth with knowledge and skills needed to uplift themselves and their families from poverty.

Our Goal:

To have a community filled with college graduates and professionals.

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